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EC10 Placemeter


The Electronic Platemeter EC10 is easier to use, though does cost more, than the Manual Platemeter. All the calculations are done for you with the EC10. This saves having to acquire meter readings which are then to be converted into pasture cover values for each paddock measured when back in the office. Unlike the EC09, this platemeter also stores data for future use or referral.

  • Extremely fast way of measuring paddocks.
  • An excellent way to train your eye into grass measuring.
  • Height reading can be used to measure residuals after cows.
  • A comprehensive instruction hand book is included with each Agriworks electronic Plate Meter.

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The Agriworks EC10 Plate meter is very similar to the EC09. The difference is the EC10 can connect to a computer using a USB cable. The grass walk can then be imported onto the computer and imported into Pasture Base. This means it is not necessary to carry around a notebook.

How to use:

It is used in the same way as the same way as the EC09. However, taking notes is not required with the EC10. The device stores data for 99 paddocks e.g paddock number and area. All data is retained when the plate meter is turned off. The farmer can upload the grass walk to Pasture Base when it suits them. Like all Plate meters the EC10 displays, dry matter/ha, compressed height and number of drops taken.


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