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EC09 Platemeter


The Agriworks EC09 is an electronic plate meter that automatically records each time the plate is dropped and each notch notification (click) of the grass. The EC09 displays the average height, number of samples taken and the average pasture cover. The electronic Plate Meter automatically calculates the pasture cover based on the average grass heights using the formula selected.
Different pasture cover calculation formula can be entered and selected based on current grass DM. The formula remains selected until changed. Plate meter can display available which most of us use in Ireland or total which is what New Zealand traditionally use.

  • Extremely fast way of measuring paddocks.
  • Input the pasture covers into Pasture Base or input them later when walk is complete.
  • An excellent way to train your eye into grass measuring.
  • Height reading can be used to measure residuals after cows.
  • A comprehensive instruction hand book is included with each Agriworks electronic Plate Meter.

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The Electronic Platemeter EC09 is easier to use, though do cost more, than the Manual Platemeter. The instant readout on the plate meter in the case of the EC09 is great for training users to assess pasture cover ‘by eye’. All the calculations are done for you with the EC09. This saves having to acquire meter readings which are then to be converted into pasture cover values for each paddock measured when back in the office.

How to use:

  • Walk across the field; take 20-30 samples across the field.
  • When a representative sample of the field is taken. Record pasture cover and field number into a notepad or alternatively enter the pasture cover into Pasture Base Ireland. It is advised to record management tips about each paddock when doing the grass walk, eg stem, weeds, dirty.
  • The reading will display kgDM/ha, compressed height of the grass, total number of samples taken.


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